"She(Jun’s mother) said that even two weeks after the day he was supposed to be born he still didn’t seem to want to be born. Because it seemed to have been a kind of dangerous situation they forcedly got Jun by Cesarean. When she first heard his voice she was very grateful about him being all healthy. It also said his weight was 3584g when he was born. His mother tell how she decided on his name. She said actually Jun’s grandparents wanted to call him 純 (Jun) but she thought that this kanji was kind of hard to write for a child so she went for 潤 instead because it’s easier to write and the balance of the number strokes is apparently also better.She said that starting from the age of 4-5 years he was already listening to a walkman thanks to the influence of one of his cousins. His mother also said something about Jun’s skin being weak so playing outside wasn’t good for him and when he got bitten by some insect it seemingly was pretty painful. He had to go to the hospital quite a lot.” -Jun’s somo-somo taught in Waku Waku 2012

credits to con report writers at arashi_on (_ _)

/5 days before our stylish kiddo turns 31. Matsumoto okaa-san, Arigatou!!!! (_ _)


J web msg update

Sakurai Sho wishing Jun “”Happy Birthday” in a unique way. Haha.


sweet matsumiya magz time~

cr owner


 💕 26/30 edits of Jun 💕

I had totally forgotten about it, but he was supposed to be comedian of the group.
And in good faith, he served out his role dutifully, even in the private photo.
And once again, I felt great admiration for him, for he is really one who goes to great lengths to take on his work seriously- Sho (x)


Jun Month 24

Too many pretty shots of our soon-to-be-31 hardworking lad in a nostalgic piece that had me subscribing to NHK Premium just cos of it 😅😅😅

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